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The Obama administration is working towards providing security and stability to those who have health insurance, provide quality and affordable choices for all Americans who don't have health insurance and in due process rein in the cost of healthcare for families, businesses and governments.

We at Zeugos are looking at areas where we can be a partner to this cause. We believe that we can bring our expertise in IT services in finding ways to eliminate waste in the healthcare system and empower doctors, hospitals, drug and insurance companies provide quality services to the consumers. Based on the market research, we concluded that there is an immediate need to provide a centralized system where patients can see their medical history, usage and other relevant information. On the other hand, hospitals and doctors alike can retrieve the information to provide better health care to patients. The existing system of using a paper office is both cumbersome and exposed to possible fraud.

We are looking towards making an integration of the various touch points in the value chain to improve overall quality of the healthcare system. Once we achieve substantial leverage, we will explore possible options to replicate the knowledge base in other economies of the world. We at Zeugos do understand that challenges will be enormous in bringing affordable healthcare to countries where basic care is a luxury, however, even a small step from us will go a long way.

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