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To augment our decision to serve Healthcare and Automotive industries, Zeugos will work with insurance companies involved in Health Care Plans and Property & Casualty Insurance.

With the passage of the new health bill by the Obama administration, it has become increasingly important for the insurance companies to adapt to the change. With news flashing round the clock showcasing attempts by the insurance companies to block the health care bill or at best derail it in future has a sounding impact on the people. As it stands today, insurance companies are considered extremely hostile. Insurance policies such as coverage denial for pre existing conditions, dropped coverage when a person gets sick or an unrealistic out of pocket expenses have become targets as part of the healthcare overhaul.

We at Zeugos understand that it will be a huge uphill task to adapt to such a massive change, however, we see opportunities for insurance companies to tap into the 30 million uninsured Americans who will be required to carry insurance. The combination of individually requested insurances and that being offered by employers will create a major shift in the way insurance was originally perceived to be offered only by the employer. Zeugos will help insurance companies cut the administrative cost, tap into the B2B and B2C markets and at the same time stay competitive while meeting required guidelines. We believe that the future will shift more towards a customized insurance delivered to consumers based on their need.

On Property & Casualty Insurance, Zeugos is currently undergoing internal study to test hypothesis on correlations in which insurer and customer can work to provide meaningful information to dealers and automakers on issues such as safety standards. We are working towards finding a common framework and hope to achieve a direction that helps bridge the gap.

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