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The world is undergoing a major shift as far as media delivery is concerned. With advent of various technological initiatives, we are moving into a high paced digital age that will drive consumer expectations to a new level. Zeugos will work with various media and entertainment companies realize the true potential of the new digital world.

Zeugos will be focused primarily on Broadcasting, Publishing and Entertainment. Today, broadcasters face a new challenge of meeting customer's demand of customized services. Although, TV still remains the major player in broadcasting, internet is fast catching up. The future truly belongs to webcasting controlled by consumers. The real challenge will remain in monetizing the broadcast world. The shift currently being experienced in the publishing world with introduction of Amazon's Kindle, Sony's e-Reader and iPhone, the print media in the form of magazines, books and newspapers are fast become dinosaurs unless it reinvents itself to compete. Zeugos will focus on working with the consumer's trend and help realign the publishing business. In the entertainment industry, the distribution is fast becoming a major challenge and the industry is trying to find ways to monetize the content and create alternative channels.

Zeugos will seek to provide better correlation among broadcasting, publication and entertainment and find ways to create a collective growth. From the organizational standpoint, Zeugos will work with the media firms to find common ground in which it can deliver its true promise of bridging the gap.

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