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Are you running around people and process to meet project deadlines but still failing to deliver on KPIs? Is your IT delivery chain falling apart due to disintegrated or no systems? Are you finding it difficult to move to the next stage of organizational growth because your resources are tied up in repetitive and ad-hoc tasks? And finally, are you wary about making an investment in the solution because it doesn't exhibit appropriate return

Zeugos truly believes in leading by Example. When we researched about disconnect between the strategic direction of the company and the preparedness from the business units, we thought about pre testing the same with us. Some of the critical questions we asked ourselves include; how we will align ourselves when our customers and partners demand customized offerings, how will we support a realigned vision of our customers and partners, how will Zeugos show an example of progress and adapt to the change, how will we provide means to eliminate operational issues, how will we create a model that showcase our transparency towards execution and finally how will Zeugos build the trust, confidence and continued passion towards delivering on its promise.

In order to answer our own questions, we at Zeugos created a model and named it "ICE". This model helps us achieve transparency towards the way we deliver our services and attain trust with our partners. Through this system, we tried to understand the pain areas of the delivery and engagement process and provide a resolution in a centralized manner while maintaining decentralization through team effort. ICE was one of Zeugos answer to provide highly distinguished services and attain our vision of bridging the gap. ICE has provided a platform to manage operations from multiple geographies in an optimized fashion. We are able to achieve reduced cycle time, ownership and increased productivity. ICE is a centralized system that maintains a team approach towards application development while providing emphasis on the quality of the entire value chain. Major aspects of project engagements such as Project Tracking, Time Tracking, Quality Control, Customer Interaction, Internal Communication, Meeting updates, Project Health and many others are fully integrated to ensure total project control. ICE relies on real time alert mechanism instead of the regular status report to initiate action by responding parties to maintain the first-time-right approach and attain true quality assurance. We are able to provide efficient audits that cut through the intensive process with ease. ICE has turned out to be an excellent support mechanism to manage risks while working on a large application development project.

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