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Are your overwhelmed with invoice approval, tracking, disbursement and notifications? Are your facing difficulties in managing your cash better with accurate and timely information on your liabilities? Zeugos accounts payable (ZAP) will help you with simplified and powerful invoice approval and disbursement process so that you can stay in control all the time.

We are confident that you will appreciate the ease and speed of adaptability with ZAP. You should be able to create single and dual signing matrix, create and assign departments that can approve certain types of invoice, add new vendors, add new banks, create templates and customize the notification emails.

We would like to offer you a free test drive of the system. You can request a free pass by visiting zap.zeugos.com. Zeugos will send you a user id and temporary password at the registered email address. Please note that we take privacy very seriously. Your information will never be shared outside Zeugos Inc.

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