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Zeugos is geared towards simplifying IT Initiatives of small and mid-sized organization which demands Speed, Simplicity and Agility to stay ahead of competition. Small and mid-sized organization prefers immediate Execution instead of Strategy development. However, in order to Win in today's marketplace and beyond, businesses need both. Why should your IT organization be any different? Zeugos extensive market research on high failure rate of IT Initiatives (70%) found fundamental flaws with organizations taking extreme approaches to project and portfolio methodologies with strategy driven DMAIC Six Sigma on one end and execution driven SCRUM on the other.

Zeugos wants to be a true consultant to small and medium businesses and be a part of their transformation to big businesses. Zeugos will foster a sense of growth and provide a platform to enable its partners make huge leap forward. Zeugos will use its internal studies and recommendations to provide consultancy and spur progress to small and medium size businesses at every stage.

Zeugos believes that small and mid size businesses trigger greater innovation in the market place. Zeugos will provide support ensuring that the business entity focuses on what matters most to its growth. Zeugos will also help its partners by leveraging its knowledge base with various industries and creating avenues for small and mid size businesses make rational decisions. Zeugos will create successful models to help its partners continue on the growth path whether they work with bigger business on collaboration effort or directly with the consumer base.

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