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Zeugos would like to offer a broad spectrum of QA Testing initiatives ranging from embedding existing tools at disposal to providing customized approach to enhance productivity of its partners.

Zeugos tested standard hypothesis with regards to QA Testing. We accumulated data from various testing standards and tried to map the existing perception such as; testing usually takes 30% of total software development lifecycle, Pareto's 80-20 rule ""80% of the defects are caused by 20% of the code"". We found a strong correlation with 80-20 rule; however, we didn't find any correlation that QA testing should take 30% of total development time. We also analyzed claims from various IT divisions embedded with business units that the first response to any budget deficit comes in the form of QA effort reduction and it happened to be true in 90% of the situations.

During our extensive study, we found a greater emphasis on various tools at disposal while lack of focus towards overall QA objective. We at Zeugos believe that QA Testing is a creative process that should uncover the elements of intention with the system. The challenge is to explore simulations beyond what the end consumers would think. On majority of occasions, we get caught with urgency of bringing the product or service to market faster and in due process loose the long term vision. In order to overcome the gap, Zeugos will provide agility while maintaining the integrity of a waterfall model. Zeugos would partner with its customers bringing creative values to the testing process, uncover ways to eliminate waste and finally work towards achieving the ultimate goal of satisfying end consumers. Zeugos' QA center of excellence will work towards creating a perfect balance of effective communication with application developers, be involved with the process early enough to avoid QA control overhead and reinforce the true team concept by providing post analysis reports.

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